Tita Aurora and Ate Maya in our TFC Booth in Seafood City at Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

It is a fact! The internet is now the best medium to reach consumers, communicate your message about a product, and provide the means to facilitate the sales process. This is why after years of building his network of TFC Dealers in Southern California, Larry Tiamzon has finally decided to launch his own website –

Larry believes so much in the newest TFC IPTV product which is a far cry from the TFC service he used to sell way back in 1995 when he began his career offering TFC Channel to Filipinos in California. The real benefit for Larry is to see his customers happy when they watch TFC shows that truly connect them emotionally to the motherland.

Larry’s primary goal in having the website is to share the value of TFC IPTV especially that of the Premium package.¬†Filipino-Americans have strong purchasing power and want the best services in terms of quality and convenience. This is true when it comes to what Pinoys want in their entertainment.

This is why TFC embraced new technologies that made TFC IPTV possible. TFC IPTV is a video streaming service that delivers content thru an installation of the TFC IPTV Box that connects to your TV via a HDMI. With a very simple set-up as easy as plug-and-play, TFC IPTV subscribers can enjoy the Premium watching experience in HD (high definition) quality, with NO Commercial Interruptions, and take control when to watch with Video-on-Demand.

Not only that, the Premium TFC package provides you TFC Everywhere so you can watch in your laptop, tablet, or phone. That is total access to for online video streaming and app available in Android and Apple iOS mobile smartphones and devices. The ability to watch anytime and anywhere your favorite TFC shows is the ultimate goal of TFC Everywhere. Plus, you can share the TFC watching enjoyment with family members at home and when you travel or visit relatives because the TFC IPTV box is portable and works with any internet provider in the United States.

When Filipinos get to know the value of TFC Premium combined with the high quality content and programs available in TFC, getting the best package becomes a No-Brainer. For just $1 a day, you get all of the TFC Channels, TFC Everywhere, and the control to watch anytime, anywhere – priceless.

With our new website you can learn about the TFC IPTV packages and we have provided our contact information so we can help answer your questions about our product. Once you have decided to subscribe and have chosen your TFC package, you can fill out the secure online ordering form that we will process. Upon receipt of your order, TFC will process your first month payment as a TFC subscriber then ship your free TFC IPTV box to your address.

It usually takes 7 to 10 days before it arrives coming from TFC Headquarters in Northern California. The TFC IPTV package is complete with all you need to set-up and install. Package includes the set-top box, USB WiFi adapter with antenna, HDMI cable, VGA, and power plug.

We hope that you find our website useful and please feel free to get in touch with us about TFC IPTV by phone, e-mail, and with our Facebook page –¬†

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