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TFC IPTV SUBSCRIPTION Terms and Conditions:

  1. Package subscription amount will be charged to your credit card on a monthly basis.**
  2. Subscriptions are subject to a (1) one-year contract.
  3. For early cancellations, box must be returned and a $125 cancellation fee will be charged to your account. Failure to return the box shall be charged an additional fee of $125.

* If there are issues with your payment details or shipping address.
** The succeeding payment depends on the choice of the customer. Customer service will send Statement of Account and the customer can decide on the payment option, e.g. cash, check, credit card.

What is TFC VOD?
TFC IPTV Video on Demand is a service of ABS CBN Global that gives you superior convenience as it lets you choose the shows you want to watch at your most convenient time, so you enjoy the flexibility of watching your favorite Kapamilya shows anytime of the day. All programming is delivered via broadband (DSL, Cable, Fiber, etc). Content is always fresh, updated within 4-5 hours of airing in Manila, with less intrusive advertising, plus the added convenience of DVD/VCR capabilities so you can play, pause, fast forward or rewind.

How long are programs stored in VOD?
Teleseryes can be viewed up to 30 days from the time the episode airs, after which it is moved to Cinema One Teleserye Classics, and after one year, subsequently moved to Teleserye Classics.
Daily Programs can be viewed up to 14 days
Weekly Programs have 4 episodes which can be viewed up to 30 days.
News Programs can be viewed up to 14 days

I received a letter indicating that my Platinum subscription is now called Premium. Is this a subscription downgrade?
No, the change in name is not a downgrade but simply a part of TFC’s on-going initiative to globalize and standardize the content package names of all platforms. Thus, the content and program line up of your Platinum plan can still be enjoyed in your current TFC Premium Package. What’s more, you can access Karaoke on Demand and Pay-Per-View which features the latest movies and sports events.

Does TFC IPTV VOD require a minimum broadband internet speed?
Yes, the minimum speed requirement is 2mbps. Use our online tool (hyperlink) to check your internet speed.

What is Karaoke on Demand?
Sing out loud, sing for hours on end with a thousand song selections from this exclusive feature available only in the Premium Package.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Any major credit or debit card is accepted such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, JCB.

How will the new equipment be installed?
TFC IPTV Video on Demand is a plug and play device making it easy to install. Simply follow the Quick Reference Guide and the videos on the TFC Installation page.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?
You may upgrade your subscription even during the lock in period. Upgrading does not affect (i.e., extend) the lock in period. However, you may not downgrade your subscription during the lock in period. After the lock in period, you may downgrade or upgrade at any time, and without any limits to the number of changes.

Do I have to pay an activation fee?
Currently, we are on a promotional period so activation fee is free. This may change in the future.

Do I have to pay for the set up box?
As part of the promotional period, the set up box is also free. This may change in the future.

Does the equipment come with a warranty?
Yes, the set up box comes with a lifetime warranty that covers damage due to fire, flood, and other natural disasters. However, it does not cover damage due to accidents, improper use, alteration, incorrect installation or repair by unauthorized agents.

What are the differences between TFC IPTV and TFC with DirecTV?
If you are a current TFC subscriber with DirecTV then you are paying a minimum of $25.99 for PinoyDirect that includes TFC (ABS-CBN), GMA TV, and MYX. For just a $1 dollar more or $26.99 you get TFCDirect that includes TFC, GMA, and MYX plus ANC, Cinema One, AS+A, MOR, DZMM, INCTV, and Lifestyle. The FilipinoDirect costs $37.99 adding TV5 and GMA Life TV to the channels you get with TFCDirect.

With TFC IPTV Premium for only $29.99 you get the following channels: TFC, ANC, Lifestyle, Cinema One, MYX, DZMM, MOR, plus BRO, Karaoke-On-Demand, and PPVonIPTV. Plus, the feature of TFC Everywhere that lets you access your shows when you are out-of-home via computer in TFC.tv and TFC app in your mobile devices. All these commercial free programming you can watch anytime, anywhere!

How is TFC IPTV different from TFC with Cable or DirecTV?
If you are a current TFC subscriber with Cable, Dish, or DirecTV then you know that there are commercials. Lots of them at times. TFC IPTV has NO Commercial interruptions. Also, with the old TFC you need to record the shows in order to watch them for later. Then, while watching your pre-recorded shows you press forward to skip the commercials in order to save time or just to keep your sanity because those ads can be annoying. The new TFC IPTV has all your shows ready, which means No Recording and No Missed Shows.

How much will it cost me to switch or to become a new TFC IPTV subscriber?
Our Limited Time Promotional Offer lets you start with $0 upfront costs. All you have to pay for is the first month of your subscription package and you’ll get the following benefits:
•Free TFC IPTV Box, $125 value (on subscription)
•Waived $25 Activation
•Free Shipping
•No Tax

How do I become a TFC IPTV customer?

  • Step 1 – Fill out and submit the secure Subscription Form. (1st day)
  • Step 2 – TFC processes 1st Payment. (2nd day, you will get a call if verification needed)
  • Step 3 – TFC IPTV Box will be mailed out. (Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery)
  • Step 4 – Install box and follow instructions for Activation.

Order TFC IPTV - Fill out Subscription Form
Call us: (888) 928-3274 or (888) 92-TFC-74