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About TFC IPTV Box – USA Marketing Team

Larry Tiamzon & Lark Enterprises

Larry Tiamzon has been with TFC for over 20 years way back in 1995 as one of the first TFC dealers to serve the Filipino-American market in Southern California. He is the last one still standing from that group. Larry has been selling TFC subscriptions in California for the past two decades and he was awarded TFC’s Global Dealer Excellence Award (GDEA) for 2013.

TFC is the leading Filipino network in North America because of the diligence of TFC dealers like Larry and his TFC sales team with Lark Enterprises in West Covina, CA.  Larry believes that TFC is the best way to connect to your mother country. “I make a lot of people happy. If you could only see their eyes once I activate a subscription so they could start watching TFC, there is a different, deep kind of joy that radiates from them and it rubs off on me,” recalls Larry.

With his positive attitude and commitment in selling TFC to Kababayans in the U.S., Larry got the honors as Consistent Monthly Regional Best Dealer for 3 years straight and GDEA for North America for 3 quarters in a row in 2013. For 4 consecutive quarters Larry received the award for GDEA Best in IPTV Premium Package sales.

Larry is so well respected and esteemed by his fellow TFC dealers and agents. According to TFC New York-New Jersey Dealer Noriel De Luna, “The first time I met Larry in 1999, he was already TFC’s number one dealer. He inspired me to strive for excellence in this field. He’s like a father figure to many of us TFC dealers and agents.”

Fel Torres, an East Coast region-mate of Noriel says, “He is very loyal to TFC. He is an excellent manager especially towards his agents. His professional way of dealing with TFC officers and employees also served as a guide to many of us on how to nurture relations with the company.

“His love for his work is contagious. I was his Girl Friday: there was a time we hardly had any weekends. We would push and sell at day and at night when we returned home, we would focus on the computer for system input and reports. Larry literally eats, breathes and lives TFC. He is a consummate salesman for TFC because he truly loves it and the Filipinos that it serves. Many can learn from Larry’s dedication,” says Larry’s wife Ellen

Referenced from TFC All Access Volume 2 Issue 3 



About TFC IPTV BOX – The new and better way to watch TFC!

The TFC IPTV Box is the streaming portal to world-class entertainment for today’s connected Filipino-American families. Get the closer feeling of connection to the Philippines with its vibrant and unique culture that is now reaching the global arena into the homes of Filipinos worldwide. TFC USA has been connecting Filipino-Americans closer to the motherland since 1995 through the broadcast of homegrown shows Pinoys have come to love.

The widespread availability of high speed internet in American cities made it possible to stream online digital content. As more and more Filipino-Americans enjoy Pinoy teleserye shows and Pinoy movies, a new and better way of delivery via digital streaming has arrived. Before TFC IPTV, Filipinos in the USA would have to first subscribe to a Cable TV or Satellite provider, then after, add-on TFC (The Filipino Channel) programming in their package. Many current TFC subscribers feel that they have to pay too much money having TFC as an add-on with Time Warner Cable or with DirecTV. Plus, the monthly bill for cable and satellite can be way too high a price to pay especially when in many cases, the TFC shows are mostly watched at home.

Now, the TFC IPTV Box is the all-in-one entertainment solution that combines convenience because you can watch anytime, anywhere, plus, with the affordability of the TFC Premium package that costs less than a $1 dollar a day.

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