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TFC IPTV Packages for You!

  • PREMIUM – All Channels+TFC Everywhere. $29.99/mo
  • PLUS – TFC+ANC+ (1) Choice. $22.99/mo
  • LITE – TFC+ANC(VOD). $16.99/mo
  • LIVE – TFC(Linear)+ANC(VOD). $12.99/mo
  • LIFESTYLE – [ANC,AS+A,C1(VOD)]+LN. $8.99/mo

TFC IPTV Benefits!

  • No Commercial Interruption. No annoying ads in-shows.
  • All Shows Pre-Recorded. No missed shows.
  • Portability. Travel with your TFC IPTV Box.
  • AffordablePREMIUM package is less than $1/day.

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  • No Activation Fee, a $25 value.
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  • FREE TFC IPTV Box, $125 value. (Upon Subscription)

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TFC IPTV On Demand requires a minimum 2 Mbps internet speed and works with any Internet provider. No need for cable or satellite equipment. No more missed shows with IPTV’s Video-On-Demand feature. The TFC Premium package comes with all TFC channels and TFC Everywhere that lets you watch your favorite Kapamilya shows in your TV, computer or laptop, tablet, or phone – anytime, anywhere!

***Minimum of One (1) Year Contract to your TFC IPTV Subscription. No tax on your monthly bill and no surprises. Automatic monthly payments available with credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Monthly TFC bill sent to your address available as an option. Early termination fees will apply plus the cost of the TFC IPTV box.


PREMIUM TFC – The most popular TFC IPTV package that has all the channels with TFC, ANC, Lifestyle Network, ABS-CBN Sports+Action, C1 Cinema One Global, MYX TV, DZMM TeleRadyo, MOR 101.9, Karaoke-On-Demand, TFC PPV, and TFC Everywhere – the feature that lets you watch TFC Pinoy teleserye shows online in your computer, tablet or phone via and app in Android and iPhone.

PLUS TFC – Enjoy TFC, ANC, plus one (1) channel from Lifestyle Network, ABS-CBN Sports+Action, C1 Cinema One Global, and MYX TV.

LITE TFC – Just $16.99, this package is the top choice for TFC subscribers switching from DirecTV or Cable TV because some pay $26.99 but watch mostly TFC programming and would like to save money and watch TFC in HD, commercial-free and enjoy the portability of the TFC IPTV box. Other DirecTV or Cable (TWC) TFC subscribers who pay $12.99 switch to this package because of the convenience of watching Video-On-Demand (VOD), HD quality, and commercial free with no interruptions in-shows.

About TFC Everywhere

TFC Everywhere comes with the TFC IPTV Premium subscription package. It lets you enjoy your favorite Kapamilya TFC shows in your TV, PC, tablet, and smartphone – anytime, anywhere!

As a Premium TFC IPTV subscriber, you get access to which is the video streaming  website portal of digital TFC shows and content. website can be accessed through a browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, etc) of your computer or laptop, tablet or smart phone browsers. All you need to watch online is to activate your TFC Everywhere account and log-in using your email and password.

Most of us now carry a smartphone this is why TFC Everywhere has a mobile app for both Android (ex. Samsung Galaxy) and iOS (ex. iPhone) devices. After you have activated your TFC Everywhere account with TFC Customer Support, you can download the app in the Playstore for Android devices or App Store for Apple iOS phones. Once installed, open the app and you will be asked to log-in using your e-mail and password of your TFC Everywhere account.

Why get TFC Everywhere?

The TFC Everywhere is a great benefit that lets you and your family members watch TFC in multiple screens. So for example, the TFC IPTV box is being used at home by your parents and at the same time you can watch TFC using your smartphone via the app away from home when you are at work or when you travel. In effect, it is like having two accounts so practically you are just paying $15 dollars for the TFC Premium which costs $29.99 per month. Imagine having the freedom to share TFC shows with family members at home and still you get to watch it anywhere, anytime!

Why Premium TFC IPTV is the best value?

The Premium package comes with all of the TFC channels – TFC, Jeepney, Lifestyle Network, Cinema One, ABS-CBN Sports+Action, Myx TV, ANC, DZMM, MOR 101.9, TFC Pay-per-View, and Karaoke. A plethora of shows and programming content from the newest Pinoy Teleserye, Movies, variety shows, talk shows, and news & current affairs.

The Premium package lets you watch many shows in HD quality, no commercial interruptions in the shows, and you have video-on-demand! Best of all, you get the freedom of TFC Everywhere so you can take your favorite TFC shows anytime, anywhere! Share the TFC enjoyment with your parents and family members at home because they have the TFC IPTV Box.

As low as $1 a day, TFC IPTV Premium subscription package is the best way to watch TFC! With our limited promotional offer you get a Free TFC IPTV Set-top box, free shipping, and waived $0 activation fee. A total savings of $150 dollars when you start your new TFC Premium subscription.

Why switch to TFC IPTV from DirecTV or Cable?

Many Pinoys have made the switch from DirecTV to TFC IPTV because of the convenience and money saving benefits. TFC subscribers with DirecTV usually pay $26.99 per month so it makes sense to get TFC IPTV Premium for only $29.99. Just adding a few cents per day gives the total convenience and freedom of watching TFC with video-on-demand, commercial-free, and in HD quality. Most of all, TFC Everywhere that comes with the TFC Premium lets you watch in your TV, tablet, or phone. Plus, you can take the TFC IPTV box with you when you travel, share it with family members and you get to watch when you’re away from home!

The other packages are also popular but the TFC Premium is the definite choice for today’s smart TFC subscribers.

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